Our Mission
To foster personal relationships and provide our partners the best possible service in the shipping industry through timely and accurate provision of high quality shipping containers worldwide.
Established in Cyprus in 1986, Marinecare is a privately owned and operated enterprise dealing with trading and leasing all types of shipping containers worldwide. After many successful years in business we have expanded and built a worldwide network of partners providing efficient and a cost effective services to today’s shipping industry.
With over 30 years of experience, Marinecare has a strong and proven record of satisfied clients and is active worldwide with strong connections in the European, Mediterranean, Asia and Middle East regions and steadily expanding in the USA. Our network of associates is comprised of over 50 partners, and includes shipping lines, leasing companies, and trading companies amongst the top 10 globally.

Our growth is continuous and directly connected with our partners’ requirements, as we always strive to meet your needs in the most efficient and professional way possible.

Marine Care Limited is a company Registered in Cyprus on 24 July 1986. Registration number ΗΕ 27423.
Our Principles
We support and care for you
Our corporate family is our most valuable asset and unique competitive advantage. Our adaptive and versatile team are here to  provide you with  top quality, time effective service.  The shipping industry never sleeps and neither does Marinecare.  Our support team offer 24/7 emergency service/assistance, whenever and wherever needed.  Our reputation in the industry speaks for itself.